Broman Proposes Legislative Action in Wake of DMC Issues

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DETROIT, MI (October 17, 2016) – Today District 1 state house candidate William Broman (R – Grosse Pointe Woods) proposed legislation that would suspend tax exemptions provided by a Renaissance Zone if a business in the Zone violated state laws/regulations that created a severe public health risk.

“The issues at the DMC are extremely serious, and this legislation allows for disciplinary action without leaving Detroiters without a hospital.  The Renaissance Zone the DMC is in will exist for another 10 years, they won’t be allowed to reap tax benefits while allowing health and safety to take a back seat.” said Broman.

Broman also clarified that the proposal for legislation was prompted by the hospital’s violations, but he is not targeting DMC, “we are telling every business in a Renaissance Zone that such status is a privilege and if they don’t take that seriously, they will lose that privilege.”

Based on the 2010 Renaissance Zone proposal, the DMC receives $14 million in exemptions annually for the 15 years the Zone is active.  With this legislation, DMC would owe just over $38,000 in taxes for each day it was in violation.

The proposed legislation would require the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) to suspend the Renaissance Zone exemptions during a time a business or entity is in violation of state laws or regulations that poses a severe risk to public health.  The legislation also permits the MSF to recoup taxes that would have been paid if it finds the violations occurred prior to any official citation or notification.  The legislation would affect any Renaissance Zone created after January 1, 2006.

The proposal can be found here:

Contact 313-530-4660 for more information

About William Broman For Michigan

William Broman is the only Republican candidate for District 1 in the Michigan House of Representatives.  He grew up in Grosse Pointe Woods and attended Grosse Pointe Public Schools.  He graduated Grosse Pointe North in 2010, and earned a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from George Washington University graduating in 2014.  He has worked for an automotive supplier as an engineer and a DC based education advocacy group.   In 2012, Broman ran for a seat on the Grosse Pointe Public Schools Board of Education, receiving more than 9,000 votes.  Broman was recently named to Red Alert Politics 30 Under 30 Class of 2016, a national list of top conservatives under 30.  He currently lives in Grosse Pointe Woods.

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