A Word of Caution to Those Quick to Assume DMC Response Will Work… This time

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Today on page 4A, the Detroit News highlighted my policy proposal to suspend Renaissance Zone status for businesses that create a significant public health risk.

Read the story here.

Rep. Brian Banks wouldn’t take the time to speak to the reporter doing the story, but previously told The News he “has all faith and confidence the DMC will address the issue comprehensively and correctly.”  Others quoted in this story said they left a meeting with DMC executives “thoroughly satisfied (the DMC) is meeting the challenges.”

As Jason Hansen said at the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast in Grosse Pointe this past May, “you are your tape,” referencing the fact that the video of your performance shows what you are capable of.

In the case of the DMC, their tape is the audit conducted by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services…

On page 10/14 the auditor writes:

“The Manager of Patient Care Staff DD was interviewed and reported that broken, missing and contaminated instruments was a process improvement project in 9/24/15.  Review of the provided Process Improvement project event goals dated 7/10/15 indicated that “bioburden” (blood and tissue) was one of three number one quality concerns.”

Page 10

On page 11/14 the auditor writes:

“On 8/30/16 at 1430 Staff DD was asked whether audits of point of use of surgical instrument cleaning and decontamination were done.  Staff DD stated, “Doing audits has been a problem.”  When asked about this, Staff DD stated that residual bioburden on surgical instruments was a lower priority problem than the other two problems identified for process improvement, so no audits were done in 2016.”

Page 11

The DMC knew of this problem, and even made it a top three quality concern, in July of 2015.  Their lack of response to that issue, zero audits in 2016, shows a problem.

When Banks and others say they trust the DMC, you can pick one of many reasons why and none of those reasons are because the DMC has the issue under control:

  1. They are receiving campaign contributions and fear retribution if they stand up to their donors
  2. They are intimidated by CEOs and executives
  3. They aren’t doing their research
  4. They don’t want to work toward a solution anymore

In either case, we must maintain skepticism when there is past evidence the DMC couldn’t correct this problem.  Especially when it was the lowest priority of the top 3 quality concerns, to which we should ask what the top two concerns were…

I maintain that I’m not making the DMC or its management team into villains, I just want to know and feel confident that the problems will be solved and never reappear.

I have given a policy proposal that keeps the hospital operating, while still providing pressure to solve the problem.  I have also provided a problem solving technique I’d like to see the DMC use, the 8D.

I’m working for Detroiters and I need you to Split Your Ticket and #VoteBRO.


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